Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sometimes I wish that I were happy just to work in the studio as it sure would make things less cumbersome re hiking and lugging my gear. Alas, I find if I don’t get outside among the bugs, itchy grasses and sudden rain it just doesn’t complete me. I guess I like the challenge of making quick decisions from direct observation and I find I get to that ‘ high mentioned in the previous post in no time—mind you I lose it just as quickly, usually because of impatience. Art~making teaches us so much wherever we are.

There is a hill behind my property that I have painted just recently but I have not worked from it in years. Well I climbed it yesterday with my French easel, found a lovely shady location under the old apple tree (image a few posts ago), and I think I will work from there for a few paintings. I like looking downward and beyond and it is very close to my home so I can access it quickly~and vacate it quickly if need be…which is what I did in the image below to escape the storm. It is rendered on top of a few unsuccessful paintings~ I was waiting for an almost rainy day, as I wanted the texture from the old underpaintings to emulate rain.

oil on canvas
10x30in, 2010



  1. Jan I am positive that if you only worked from a studio ... never traipsed among the grasses, foliage, mud and glory of bugs ...& only painted through the looking glass or from a picture, that your painting would be a completely different reflection ! of land .. of nature .. of life ! ... endorphin high left long behind in the fields of your youth ! ... Keep up the voageuring hikes, they are ever present in your work. It always seems so 'in touch' ... something completely unadultered ...

    hopefully I will see this one live & up close ... so as to fully appreciate the layers to 'emulate rain' !

  2. I sense that it is a calm day that is quite over cast with rain about to fall. Seems more silent that your usual high energy paintings. Maybe the quiet before the storm. I look forward to seeing more paintings from this location. You capture atmosphere so beautifully.

  3. Moody sky -- from the texture of an old painting? Wow! It worked!

    I know just what you mean about feeling excited before plein air painting and rushed and sometimes irritated during. Usually I feel content afterward, but other times ... All part of the art journey. Next, you'll have to try to paint from a boat in the water, swinging around on its anchor. That will add to the frustration. And the hilarity.

    Thanks for stopping by to look at what's new from Alaska!